Custom Scroller with 'Snap Points' using jQuery and jScrollPane

June 22, 2012 by jason

A customer requested a custom content scroller that would showcase a grid of products on a single page. Unlike a typical scroller, they wanted horizontal only scrolling and the addition of "prev" and "next" links to advance the scroller one product column at a time. The challenge came from a user interface constraint that I imposed myself: I wanted to add "snap points" to the scroller.

Internet Explorer Cleartype vs jQuery Opacity

February 1, 2012 by jason

Sometimes I come across a bug (usually in internet explorer) that just makes me gasp at how horribly something can go wrong simply because the browser was poorly implemented.  This week that honor once again goes to IE.  Below, you will see a couple screen captures of the exact same browser content as rendered in Chrome (on the left) vs. IE (on the right).